UMA/GAN Mobile test with the 8960

March 2007

Video Demo GAN Functional Test with the 8960 Series 10

Video Demo: UMA/GAN Mobile Test and 8960

Generic Access Network (GAN) formerly know as UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), brings together the best of high mobility cellular voice and data with the blisteringly fast high-speed data afforded by WLAN hotspots. Add in seamless transition to VoIP with a home WLAN port and the user has access to the best of all worlds with a single handset. As with all new technology, there is an impact to the handset. It must be able to deal with simultaneous cellular and WiFi usage, deal with large amounts of data and provide a seamless transition from cellular to WLAN and back for all existing cellular services. Traditional handovers between cells on the same network are still one of the most common reasons for dropped calls, so imagine the difficulty of handovers between different networks AND vastly different radio formats.

The 8960 UMA/GAN test Solution

Customers who have purchased the E6720A option 001 annual contract service for the E6701E will receive the UMA/GAN subscription release enhancement for no additional charge. Combined with the E6962A GAN controller (free web download) running on a windows pc, the solution provides the UMA/GAN cellular radio and core network functionality needed to evaluate UMA/GAN mobile phones. The Access Point is a standard WLAN hub. By establishing the key network element and intelligence to handover between cellular and low mobility formats, the 8960 solution provides GSM Voice, (E)GPRS data and both GSM and (E)GPRS Point to Point SMS.

Agilent’s 8960 test set provides mobile device developers with a means of cost-effectively emulating networks so that the handover performance of mobiles can be verified in life-like operating conditions. By being able to perform validation and regression testing on new platforms, device developers now have the opportunity to maximize the probability that new designs will meet rigorous conformance testing, providing network operators with devices to capture new subscribers.

E6701E/T with UMA/GAN subscription release - Hardware Requirements:

  • E6701T Requires E5515C with Special HW options Contact your representative for more details
  • E6701E Requires E5515C with Serial number GB45070000 or greater Earlier instruments can be upgraded, contact your representative for more details
  • Check E5515C HW compatibility at: and click on release notes

Ordering Information:

  • E6701T and E6701E are available today Existing customers may obtain the final release free of charge from Dec 2006
  • E6701T GSM/GPRS Lab Application $40,700
  • E6701E GSM/GPRS Lab Application $40,700
  • E6704A EGPRS Lab Application $12,000
  • E6720A-001 Annual Upgrade Contract GSM/(E)GPRS $12,000
  • E6962A GAN Controller $ FREE**
  • E6701U and E6701F are available to existing E6701T and E6701E customers via purchase of the Annual Upgrade Contract (E6720A-001)

** web downloadable (connects ONLY with licensed E6701F)

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